Final Round of Free Paragon Assets Released

Epic Games today released its final batch of Paragon assets to the UE4 developer community free of charge, with a total of 19 AAA-quality Hero characters valued at over $5 million in development investment.

Free Paragon Assets Get an Update

The Paragon character assets, available for free on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, have been updated to include animation Blueprints.

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Designing a New VR Consumer Experience with Unreal Engine

The future is now! Explore how Shopify is using Unreal Engine to create compelling VR and AR experiences to help evolve and enhance the way consumers shop online.

How Gunpowder Games Incorporated Unreal Engine Marketplace Assets into ‘Maelstrom’

The team behind the fast-paced naval battle game discusses how it leveraged the UE Marketplace during development and offers advice on how other content creators can do the same.

Epic Games Releases $12 Million Worth of Paragon Assets for Free

Developers can access a wealth of richly detailed Paragon characters and environment assets for use in Unreal Engine 4 projects, no strings attached.

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Take advantage of our largest sale ever with over 1,900 items discounted up to 90% off!

Soul City, Soul Cave Assets Released for Free

Epic Games has today announced the free release of high-quality assets from its Soul demo, making mobile game development with UE4 more accessible to developers.

The Unreal Engine Marketplace Holiday Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Take advantage of the final sale of 2017 with over 1,700 items discounted up to 90% off!

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - June 2017

The month of June delivered a ton of stellar content to the Marketplace, giving developers the opportunity to breathe new life into their current or brand new projects.

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - May 2017

The month of May is behind us, but it brought plenty of new and excited content additions to the Marketplace for developers looking to take their projects to the next level. 

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - April 2017

The month of April brought a variety of changes to the Unreal Engine Marketplace as well as a wealth of new content for developers to explore. From evil mage animations to customizable wood materials, you can explore April’s additions in this comprehensive content roundup.

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - March 2017

The close of the month has seen a host of updates to the Marketplace as well as fantastic new releases for developers to take advantage of.

Marketplace Spotlight: Panda Studios

We speak to the team from Panda Studios about its useful assets, content creation process and how they are empowering Unreal Engine developers.

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - February 2017

From atmospheric environments to ultra useful Blueprints, this month’s Marketplace recap highlights the latest assets for content creators to consider.

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - January 2017

2017 has started off strong with a variety of new Marketplace content including Blueprints, environments, weapons and more.

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - December 2016

All-new environments and a bevy of useful Blueprints highlight the latest additions to the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Find out what’s in store right here, right now!

The 2016 Marketplace Holiday Sale Is Here!

Hundreds of items have been discounted in what is truly an epic Marketplace Holiday Sale!

Animation and Rigging Toolkit Arrives on the Marketplace

Epic Games’ Lead Technical Animator Jeremy Ernst introduces the arrival of the Animation and Rigging Toolkit on the Unreal Engine Marketplace and provides the info developers need to access it.

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - November 2016

From RPGs to arch viz and everything in between, November has brought loads of new assets to you inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace.