Understanding the Differences Between Experimental and Early Access Features

We take a look at the different types of ‘in-development’ features that are made available in Unreal so you can get the most out of each release while avoiding surprises.

Architectural Design Data: The Journey from Revit to Unreal Studio Webinar

Explore collaboration and architectural design review in Unreal Engine, while learning the benefits of importing and working with Revit data in Unreal Studio with our upcoming webinar!

Virtual Production: Digital Domain Talks Digital Humans and More

How are digital humans playing a role in emerging virtual-production practices? Don’t miss out on the latest podcast episode featuring the team at Digital Domain talking shop about their innovative approach.

Jobs in Unreal Engine - Technical Artist

Looking for your real-time career path? Consider the fast-growing role of a tech artist - a job that has seen a 48% growth in the last 12 months and plays a critical role at the intersection of art and code. Learn what skills you need how to get started.

Epic Games Announces over $800K in Unreal Dev Grants

Dozens of developers across games, film, VR, enterprise and medicine receive no-strings-attached cash assistance.

Join us for Unreal Academy Enterprise, London

Unlock the power of Unreal Engine for Enterprise in our upcoming three-day training event. You won’t want to miss Unreal Academy: Enterprise 2018!

Virtual Production with Unreal Engine: A New Era of Filmmaking

Explore how virtual production is changing the creative landscape for film, broadcast, and VFX studios. Join the conversation in our new hub for sharing articles, interviews, podcasts, and insights from pioneers in the industry.

BYU Students Bring Rhythm and Fighting Together in ‘Beat Boxers’

Take a trip through the making of Beat Boxers, an award-winning UE4 game created by students at Brigham Young University that fuses both rhythm and fighting into an unparalleled adventure.

Instructor Designs Motion Capture Classroom Using Unreal Engine 4

We catch up with Deepak Chetty - a full-time teacher at University of Texas at Austin in the Radio/Television/Film (RTF) department to learn more about a motion capture studio class that uses Unreal Engine 4 to educate and inspire students.

Join Epic Games at SketchUp’s 3D Basecamp 2018 Conference

Are you ready for SketchUp’s biennial 3D Basecamp conference? Join the Unreal Engine team and SketchUp’s inspiring 3D modeling community for four days of design innovation, exciting presentations, and networking activities!

Trends in Real-Time Rendering: Forrester Report

What are the emerging trends in real-time rendering? The answers from our latest survey might surprise you. AI, big data, and employee satisfaction all play a role in the accelerating adoption of real-time rendering in enterprise fields.

Unreal Studio Beta Extended

The free Unreal Studio beta, launched in March 2018, has already helped thousands of designers, artists, and creatives build exciting new content with Unreal Engine. Now, we’re extending the beta to September 2019!

Decommissioning Video Tutorials on the Documentation Site

We recently launched a new online learning site that better facilitates our vision for video tutorials and provides a learning resource worthy of Unreal Engine.

Stunning Student Film Short Showcases the Creative Power of Unreal Engine

It doesn’t always take a massive team to make visual magic. Eric Liu’s masterful student project, Robots’ Design Academy, uses Unreal Engine to weave a charming tale of robotic rebellion.

Balancing Blueprint and C++

Should you use Blueprints or C++ for your game’s architecture? The answer isn’t always straightforward. We’ve put together a guide to help you answer this question and a sample RPG to illustrate.

Unreal Engine 4 Instructor Guides are Now Available

Free, official Unreal Engine 4 Instructors’ Guides are now available for download. These Epic-approved guides are complete with lectures, class notes, assessments, a terminology section and much more!

Announcing Unreal Engine Online Learning

Mastering Unreal Engine just got a whole lot easier! Our new online learning platform features video tutorials, industry tracks, and downloadable tutorial files for a variety of UE4 workflows. And it’s open to everyone, for free!

Unreal Engine Developers Earn Top Honors in the 2018 ‘Rookie of the Year’ Awards

The Rookies is an annual awards and mentor platform where creative students in games, animation, film, VR, motion graphics and architecture visualization compete for the coveted title of “Rookie of the Year”

Join Unreal Enterprise at SIGGRAPH 2018!

From expert tech talks and hands-on demos to training sessions and more, there’s a lot of exciting things happening with Unreal Enterprise at SIGGRAPH this year. Come join us!

Embarking on an Emotional Journey in the Student Game “Hollowed”

Explore the making of 'Hollowed', an inspirational UE4 game developed by students at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, which takes players on a journey of discovery through the emotional stages of grief.

SketchUp + Unreal Engine + Unreal Studio = Your Design Potential Realized

Unlock your creative potential by using SketchUp and Unreal Studio to accelerate real time design visualizations in Unreal Engine with our upcoming webinar! 

Creating an Amazing Product Configurator in Unreal Engine Using Blueprints

Learn how to create an engaging product configurator in Unreal Engine using the accessible Blueprint visual scripting system in our upcoming webinar!

Join us for Unreal Academy: Enterprise

Unlock the power of Unreal Engine for Enterprise in our upcoming two-day training event. You won’t want to miss Unreal Academy: Enterprise 2018!

Epic Games’ Sergey Galyonkin to Keynote East Coast Game Conference

Plus, Epic to exhibit at the expo and give talks in the Unreal Theater, which will offer strategic direction to aspiring and independent developers