Balancing Blueprint and C++

Should you use Blueprints or C++ for your game’s architecture? The answer isn’t always straightforward. We’ve put together a guide to help you answer this question and a sample RPG to illustrate.

Join Unreal Enterprise at SIGGRAPH 2018!

From expert tech talks and hands-on demos to training sessions and more, there’s a lot of exciting things happening with Unreal Enterprise at SIGGRAPH this year. Come join us!

REWIND Uses Unreal Engine to Bring VR Hacker Hostel to Life

Visit Silicon Valley’s Hacker Hostel and play with their toys, eat their food, and make a mess—all in virtual reality. Get the skinny on how REWIND used Unreal Engine to bring the hit HBO show to fans.

Creating an Amazing Product Configurator in Unreal Engine Using Blueprints

Learn how to create an engaging product configurator in Unreal Engine using the accessible Blueprint visual scripting system in our upcoming webinar!

Creating a Data-Driven UI with UMG

Developing a UI that dynamically updates based on data can save development time by reducing the number of times a UI must be manually iterated upon. Developer Support Engineer Cody Albert explains how to do just that.

See The World In New Ways With The Intel RealSense Plugin For Unreal Engine 4

The Intel RealSense cameras use infrared light to compute depth in addition to normal RGB pictures and video. To assist in the development of applications with this technology, Intel created the RealSense SDK, a library of computer vision algorithms including facial recognition, image segmentat


Moving Physical Objects

In 4.9 we’ve exposed the teleport flag to several blueprint nodes, and this seemed like a good opportunity to give some detail on how it all works. Check it out!

Animation Blueprints

"Animation Blueprint” sounds more intimidating than “Blueprint”. Blueprints were fun, but now Animation Blueprints seem to work different than Blueprints, so I wanted to talk about it here. Let's have a look at the Animation Blueprint and how it functions. 

Photoshop Generated Flow Maps

Photoshop provides a great number of tools for texture editing and photo manipulation. Conveniently, those same tools can be used to generate flow maps. This blog post will show you how flow maps can be authored within Photoshop using a UV texture and an action that Epic provides. Please note tha


New Blueprint Character Movement Features

Unreal Engine 4.2 introduces a number of new features to make character movement more flexible. It’s now even easier to implement features like ‘Hold To Jump Higher’ and Double-Jumping in Blueprints.

Shipping Tappy Chicken

Tappy Chicken is out now, shipped simultaneously on iOS, Android, and HTML5. Available as a free, lightweight download, it’s the first UE4 game released on any of those platforms, and one of the first overall.

Damage in UE4

Damage support is a feature of the base Actor class, making it widely available. The system provides easy access to common functionality for quick results, while also being extensible to allow you to customize your damage model when needed. We’ve also made an effort to avoid making assumpti


Introduction to Blueprints

So, for the record and as far as I’m concerned, Blueprints might just be the very best thing to come along since fresh donuts, waterslides, and movies with giant monsters and robots punching each other. They allow a programmatically challenged geek like me all the freedom I need to make my


Blueprint Macros and Macro Libraries

A Blueprint Macro lets you reuse a set of nodes over and over, and can be created in any blueprint (using the Add Macro button on the ‘My Blueprint’ toolbar). You can also turn a selection into a macro by right-clicking on a selected node and using the ‘Collapse to Macro’


Managing complexity in Blueprints

As you build larger projects with Blueprints, it’s easy to end up with an overwhelming sea of nodes.  However, we’ve built in a number of different encapsulation and code reuse mechanisms to help you battle the chaos.

The Subtle Magic of InterpTo()

There’s a certain amount of craftsmanship involved in making things move around algorithmically.  Getting a camera to slide smoothly into position, gliding on the gossamer wings of math, can be a perilous underataking.  One wrong wobble, one tiny pop, and every pixel on the screen


Introduction to AnimMontage

The name AnimMontage came from our cinematics director, Greg Mitchell, when we asked for his help naming an asset that can contain animations that you can stitch or edit with sections you can jump between. Montage is defined as “the technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together sepa


Crash Course in Animation Notifies

Blueprint notifies are a way to trigger some custom logic defined in a blueprint at specified times in an animation sequence or montage. The concept is similar to the animation notifies in UE3/UDK but with a much smoother workflow and zero code involved. To create a new animation notify, create a


Input Action And Axis Mappings In UE4

In Unreal Engine 4 we wanted to make binding input events as easy as possible. To that end, we created Input Action and Axis Mappings. While it is certainly valid to bind keys directly to events, I hope I can convince you that using mappings will be the most flexible and convenient way to set up


Blueprint Networking Tutorials

A previous blog post offered a crash course in blueprint networking, but now we’re back with a thrilling six-part mini-series on creating blueprint content that works in a networked game!

Diffing Blueprints

In an earlier post, we discussed asset diffing in Unreal Engine 4, but only briefly covered our tool specifically for diffing blueprints. We’re back today with a tutorial video designed to further explain the Blueprint diff tool.

New Blueprint Tutorials

Now that UE4 has been out for a few weeks, it seemed a good time to do another round of quick Blueprint tutorials! I want to try and address some common difficulties, and introduce a couple of handy features. Let’s go!

Game Templates In UE4

Usually when you get a great idea for a game, you need to spend time plugging in boilerplate code and assets to get a player character into the world so you can move around and start prototyping the FUN stuff. This is where templates can help!

Blueprint Favorites

Having to search through the node library constantly can add up, and we sought to give users a boost in iteration times. Inspired by internet browser bookmarks, we thought it was a good idea to give users the ability to customize what they have access to. Thus, the Favorites panel was born!