Unreal Engine Preserves New Zealand Culture with Hyper-Real Imagery

RealityVirtual is the go-to company for breathtaking realer-than-real VR experiences. Meet Simon Che de Boer, the visionary behind RealityVirtual’s quest to preserve and share New Zealand’s culture with real-time VR that stands up to close scrutiny.

Four Emerging AI Trends to Watch in 2018

The world of AI is abuzz with the latest cutting edge developments, many of which are driven by Unreal Engine. Here are four trends to watch in 2018.

Getting Started with Google Blocks and Unreal Engine

Jarlan Perez outlines his experience working with Google to build a new two-week project in Google Blocks.

Getting the Most Out of Noise in UE4

UE4 has had material based procedural noise for some time now, but most users have had to limit their usage of it due to its high performance cost. We have addressed these needs in Unreal Engine 4.13, and here's how you can get the most out of it. 

Demystifying Bone Indices

When working on animation code, what you are often looking at is the bone index. As there are multiple different bone indices, it can be confusing to look through animation code for the first time. Because of this, I would like to explain why there are multiple bone indices and what the differe


Imperfection for Perfection Part 2: Photo Reconstruction/Delighting

In the second installment of Imperfection for Perfection, Min Oh covers how to use the latest software to stitch together your meshes and textures from your photos. Come and read about how the Kite demo's 3D assets were created using hundreds of high-res images.

Imperfection for Perfection

In this post, we take a look at how to do photo scan reconstruction, pick equipment, setup your shot and take pictures. Using photo scan techniques is an easy way to recreate real-world objects on your computer. It can be a tricky process at first, but once you get the hang of it, this method w


Making of Miss Daisy, a UE4 film

Read on to see a detailed "making of" the comic short Miss Daisy done entirely in UE4.  The goal for Miss Daisy was to create a short film in the spirit of a Pixar shorts but done completly in real-time by a team of 6 students in 14 weeks.  

Simulating Area Lights in UE4

As of this writing, UE4 does not currently support area lights. However, with some basic geometry, a simple material, and a standard UE spotlight, we can emulate area lighting in a convincing and easily controllable manner by creating our own realtime diffuser. Here's how.

Making of Battery Jam, a student game

Battery Jam was created at the Savannah college of Art and Design by a team of four core students, with the help of animators, sound designers and musicians utilizing Unreal Engine 4. The team wanted to, above all, make a game that made a great first impression and had people smiling. Considering the awards that it has won so far, it seems to be working. Check out this in-depth blog to find out more about how the project came together and how this young team of developers levereaged the power of Unreal Engine to bring the award winning Battery Jam to such a high level of refinement. 


Striving for Real-Time Photorealism

My name is Lasse Rode and I am part of studio xoio. We are a small agency specializing in visualization and illustration works for architecture and product marketing. Usually we work in a kind of “traditional” 3d environment utilizing applications like 3ds Max and the like. We are con


Cascade VFX Tutorial - Lesson 6: Working With Curves

This lesson will cover some of the less ‘Sexy’ aspects of FX creation. Quickly editing Color, Size, ScaleColor, and just about any other value over the lifetime of a sprite, mesh, light, etc. in Cascade is a fundamental part of making FX.

Animation Blueprints

"Animation Blueprint” sounds more intimidating than “Blueprint”. Blueprints were fun, but now Animation Blueprints seem to work different than Blueprints, so I wanted to talk about it here. Let's have a look at the Animation Blueprint and how it functions. 

New Visual Effects Tutorial: Lesson 5 Modifying Color

Continuing the Visual Effects Building Blocks tutorial series, we will show you a simple method for modifying and controlling the color of your particles which allows for quick and easy edits.  This method is also excellent when coupled with Blueprint runtime color modification and Particle


Atlantis by Allegorithmic

We have been using Unreal Engine at Allegorithmic for a very loing time. Actually the first ever UE3 game to be released –Roboblitz - was built entirely using Allegorithmic's parametric textures at the time.

Physically Based Shading on Mobile

This post is the first in hopefully a series of in depth, highly technical discussions of features in UE4. This is a follow up to my talk Real Shading in Unreal Engine 4. That talk explained the shading model used in UE4. This post assumes the reader is familiar with the course notes.

Cascade VFX Tutorial – Lesson 4

Continuing our Visual Effects building blocks lessons, today we will use a dynamic parameter module in Cascade to control the values of the material functions we created in the previous lesson at runtime.

New Release: Stylized Demo

We’re excited to announce that starting today all Unreal Engine 4 subscribers can download free from the Marketplace the new Stylized demo content. Created by Epic senior environment artist Kendall Tucker, this Stylized demo showcases a colorful hand-painted, illustrated environment reminis


New Release on Marketplace: Sci-Fi Hallway

This hallway scene inspired by a Deus Ex concept is available now to all active UE4 subscribers on Marketplace. Click above to read about its creation.

Cascade VFX Tutorial – Lesson 3B

In today’s VFX lesson we will continue to expand upon the building block material techniques I showed in the previous lesson by bundling up our Near Camera Depth Fade logic into a material function. 

Physically Based Shading In UE4

Physically based shading means that the lighting and shading algorithms used in Unreal Engine 4 approximate the physical interaction between light and materials, the units used are common physical measurements, and material definitions are simple to translate from reality. In the past developers


Matinee Basics: Skeletal Meshes

Spring greetings to you from the Epic Cinematics team! I hope you are making some progress on your UE4 Matinee knowledge and getting a chance to experiment a bit with the cool tools in UE4. 

A few days ago Greg Mitchell mentioned he was starting to create Matine...

Cascade VFX Tutorial – Lesson 3

Building upon the previous Depth Fade tutorial, today we will show you how to fix another common rendering artifact: near camera clipping.

Crash Course in Animation Notifies

Blueprint notifies are a way to trigger some custom logic defined in a blueprint at specified times in an animation sequence or montage. The concept is similar to the animation notifies in UE3/UDK but with a much smoother workflow and zero code involved. To create a new animation notify, create a