Break into 3D animation with our free starter course

Flip through our Animation Field Guide and you’ll quickly spot a pattern. Major film and television content producers like Netflix, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Reel FX are building real-time animation into their pipelines—and loving what they’ve found.

When instant feedback is on the table, teams can completely rethink how—and when—work gets done, ushering in a shift in approach that is already starting to remap the industry.

It’s exciting to watch, but how do you take advantage of it if you are just starting out? And what do major studios like Disney and Reel FX look for in their real-time artists?

Today, you can find out with our free Unreal Futures: Careers in Animation course!

What’s included in the course?

From the production process behind Netflix’s Super Giant Robot Brothers! to the evolving skill sets you’d use on the job, see what it takes to start a career in real-time animation. Enjoy video tutorials and interviews from real-time artists currently using Unreal Engine on major projects for Disney and Reel FX, as you work towards creating a new portfolio piece!

The course includes:
  • An industry overview video
  • UE5-driven project tutorials
  • Free Marketplace character assets
  • A career advice video
  • A student/careers guide
  • A teacher guide
  • A behind-the-scenes video with Reel FX

What will I learn?

Shazzy Angulo, the Unreal Development Supervisor for WildBrain, will be your main instructor as you explore topics like:
  • Character structure
  • Rigging
  • Posing
  • Modifying animation
  • Using Sequencer
  • Shot assembly

And the best part? You’ll be doing this with Bit and Bot, two adorable robot characters that were inspired by the heroes of Super Giant Robot Brothers!
So if you’re interested in 3D animation, or want to learn about an emerging trend before it becomes the norm, try this course today. It’ll put you on the right path.

    Explore Unreal Futures: Careers in Animation

    Our learning pathway contains everything you need to know to start creating real-time animation content in Unreal Engine. It’s free and available now via the Epic Developer Community.