Bink Video and Bink Audio now available in Unreal Engine for free!

Jeff Roberts
Today we’re releasing our latest work integrating RAD Game Tools technology into Unreal Engine as both Bink Video and Bink Audio through Epic Games’ internal development branch on GitHub, with Binary support available in Unreal Engine 4.27 and Unreal Engine 5 Early Access through your normal engine support channels.
Bink Color

Bink Video is a cross-platform performance-oriented video codec that was used in roughly 500 games in 2020. Bink Video can decode 4K video frames in less than one millisecond with GPU assist on modern PCs, usually using 1/8th to 1/20th of the runtime memory. 
Bink Audio is a performance-oriented audio codec that is capable of perceptually lossless 10:1 compression with decode speeds closer to ADPCM than MP3 or Vorbis. Bink Audio is used in Apex Legends for all audio playback with 80-100 simultaneous voices playing.
These tools are freely available with Unreal Engine and available to download from either the Launcher or GitHub, just make sure you’re logged in to your GitHub account first, and that it’s connected to your Epic account.
Have questions or feedback? We invite you to join the conversation in the forums.

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