A5 Cabriolet Model courtesy of Audi Business Innovation

Automotive Salt Flats and Winter Scene now available

Russell Paul , Francis Maheux, Nicholas Longchamps, Daryl Obert, David Baylis
For over 100 years, automotive engineers, designers, photographers, and drivers have flocked to salt flats around the world. These vast areas of near-perfectly flat salt are used for record-setting speed attempts. They also provide a gorgeous environment for photographers delivering a stark contrast between the granulated white salt that blends into the darkness of the surrounding mountain range. 

Every time of day offers something special. The Automotive Salt Flats scene, originally developed for the Automotive Car Configurator Sample project, was inspired by these magical locations and is now available for free on the Unreal Marketplace. The new scene contains a vast salt flats area in addition to customizable mountain ranges, hero salt polygons, and special atmospherics. Mixing all these elements with procedural clouds can generate stunning results.
A5 Cabriolet Model courtesy of Audi Business Innovation
If the hot sun of the vast salt flats isn’t what you’re looking for, make sure to try out the Automotive Winter Scene. Developed in collaboration with the Quixel team, the winter scene shows off a completely different type of environment. The configurable road surface can be customized with different levels of snow, dirt, or wetness. The slightly overcast day gives you the opportunity to drop in a little hint of sun peeking through the clouds to highlight your vehicle as it navigates the tricky country road.
These two new environments join the Automotive Beach and Automotive Bridge scenes, creating a collection of different environments that enable you to choose the best location for any vehicle, product, simulation, or story you want to tell.

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