Japanese Street | Image courtesy of ART EQUILIBRIUM

August Marketplace Sale: Over 1,000 assets—now up to 70% off 

Unreal Engine Marketplace Team
This month, take your project to the next level with over 1,000 assets at a massive 70% off. Tailor-made for modular worldbuilding, this month’s assets are perfect for creating customized characters, environments, and even multiplayer menu systems—faster than ever before.

Channel dystopia with a post-apocalyptic nightmare city and destroyed building creator. Take someone to a stylized Japanese street with AAA props or use this character kit to give life to the hero in your story. Whatever you decide, you’ll have the flexibility of a final-look asset that can also serve as a great starting point for further refinements.
Stylized Character Kit: Casual 02 | Image courtesy of ROCKETARTS
We also have music, effects, monsters, and more; so if your post-apocalyptic city needs some cursed artifacts, dynamic laser beams, or even some cool ambient synth music, the August sale has you covered.

Just remember to act quickly if you want to take advantage of those discounts: the sale ends on August 29 at 11:59 EDT. Happy shopping!
Cursed Artifacts - Vol. 1 | Image courtesy of Darkania Works

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