Novice Girl | Fieldy Panda

Anniversary Marketplace Sale: over 1,700 products—now 50% off

Unreal Engine Marketplace Team
The Marketplace is nine years old, so why not have a big sale that makes useful assets even more accessible to devs and artists? It starts today and includes savings of 50% off over 1,700 products.

As always, the options are plentiful and the use cases are many.

Yes, this sale has systems, props, characters, environments, effects, sounds, music, Blueprints, and more, so start exploring today.

We hope you find something great!


Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Lava
Did we have you at lava castle? Drench your environments in magma-coated destruction, using both sights (and sounds!) to make your fiery point.

Cyberpunk Gigapack | Leartes Studios

Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Cyberpunk
Why design every part of a cyberpunk dystopia, when you can hit the ground running with over 2,000 meshes. You get modular buildings, a map, vehicles, customizable characters, and a whole lot more. Plug in!

Novice Girl | Fieldy Panda

Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Novice Girl
Whole scenes could be written just off that look alone. Primed for facial mocap, this modular character is ready for her next epic adventure.

The Sabertooth | Alessandro-AM

Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Sabertooth
Who needs mythical beasts when you’ve got a sabertooth cat?! Did one of history’s most compelling animals have such beautiful fur? Who knows. But those 4K textures are something, aren’t they?

Psychedelic Subspace | Aevoke Studios

Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Psychedelic
Take a walk on the wild side with an environment that defies expectation, physics, and perhaps, reason. Now, what started as a way to explore vivid dreams and nightmares is yours to toy with. Do you dare?

Stellar Phoenix Shuttle - Spaceship With Controller | Obey

Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Spaceship
This spaceship is not only gorgeous, it comes with VFX, animations, and a whole level that helps you learn how to fly. Oh, you already know how to fly? Then hit the burners with this one!

ICE STATION | Yehor Perepelytsia

Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Ice Station
Does anyone want to get stuck in a place like this? Probably not, but it’s that isolated quality that makes environments like these such perfect storytelling devices. Who will you abandon there?

Lordenfel: Castles & Dungeons RPG pack | Mana Station

Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Lordenfel
Let’s check the list. Deserted castle, dungeon, assorted greenery, some rocks and mountains? Well, if that’s all you need, your shopping trip is over.

SubUV Damaged Decal Pack | Game Ready Props

Unreal Engine Marketplace September 2023 Decal
Wear down your surroundings with this damage pack. It has 208 ways to make things look rough.

That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on September 4 at 11:59 PM EDT.

Happy shopping!

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