4.11 Preview 1 Released For Early Adopters

By Nick Penwarden

Around this time last year, we made the decision to begin shipping our Preview releases of UE4 earlier in order to give those willing to get their hands dirty a chance at checking out what's on the way. Per our usual cadence, 4.11 Preview 1 is now available. You may notice that this preview release is a bit less stable than 4.10 Preview 1, so I wanted to talk a little about why. 

When we approached 4.10, our primary focus was on your request for a more stable release of UE4. New features that we had in the works were developed in parallel in order to really shore up the stability of 4.10. Now we're preparing 4.11 for release which will contain all of those new features and numerous performance optimizations, including the features we talked about on Twitch recently and much, much more. These features are coming your way a little earlier than normal, allowing us to have even more time for QA. As usual, things will continually be buttoned up Preview after Preview and we expect the production release to address the large majority of issues found during these cycles. We debated on waiting to release this first Preview until the New Year but decided that we'd rather you all have the build to explore over the break, so enjoy!

To get started, head to the "Library" section of the Unreal Engine tab in the Epic Games launcher, select "Add Versions", and choose 4.11 Preview 1. 

Preview 1

So check out 4.11 Preview 1 and remember that these releases are not for production work, so we recommend waiting to upgrade your project until the production release is available next year.

For more information, read the post from Stephen Ellis on the Unreal Engine forums, and be sure to check the known issues list for what to expect.

We hope you enjoy this early look at what's coming and are as excited about the direction Unreal Engine is taking into 2016. 

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