Mail.Ru Games Ventures Announce a Strategic Partnership with Epic Games for Unreal Engine Developers

MRGV announce a strategic partnership with Epic Games for assisting game development studios with expertise and support in development, marketing, analytics, as well as funding of the most prominent developers.

Join Us for the Experience Design Event

In this exclusive one-hour virtual event taking place on March 6, 2018 at 2 pm EST, we’ll share some exciting news about a new offering from Epic. 

'Seed' Wins $500,000 Developing Beyond Video Games Final

Virtual reality game Seed won $150,000 today to conclude Developing Beyond, a $500,000 year-long development competition created by Epic Games and Wellcome

Unreal Engine Developers Honored at the 2018 Lumiere Awards

From Best VR Location-Based Animation Short to Best Augmented Reality Experience, the impact Unreal Engine developers are making in the realm of immersive storytelling has never been more evident.

Visually Stunning Animated Feature ‘Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor’ is the First Produced Entirely in Unreal Engine

We interviewed 3rd World Studios Head of Production Usman Iqbal to find out what it took to produce the first animated feature film to be rendered entirely in a game engine.

Delve into VR and AR for Design Review in our Latest Design Visualization Webinar

Is your design firm curious about exploring the creative and captivating potential of VR and AR? You won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar! 

Time Hack Your VFX Pipeline with Unreal Engine

Looking for tips, tricks, and in-depth insights on how to use Unreal Engine to transform your VFX production pipeline for film and TV? Our latest free masterclass is jam-packed with everything you need!

51VR Crafts Photorealistic City Streets in Unreal Engine for AI Training

Using photogrammetry and Unreal Engine, 51VR is building photorealistic virtual cityscapes to help train AI for self-driving automobiles.

Industries Collide, Collaborate at Build: London 2017

Fostering community and collaboration, Build: London 2017 brought industries together to discover new ways to elevate their design capabilities through the use of real-time technology. 

How Unreal Engine Helped Q.U.B.E. 2 Achieve Stunning Environments and Level Design

With the upcoming release of its new puzzle adventure game and sequel, Q.U.B.E. 2, developer Toxic Games describes the team’s experience using Unreal Engine 4 to develop and ship a multi-platform game.

Divine Intervention - A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Development of the AR God Simulator ARrived

From concept to completion, the team from goes in-depth to tell the development tale behind ARrived - one of the App Store's Best of 2017.

NVIDIA Edge Program Recipients - January 2018

From independent games to arch viz projects, there have been loads of fantastic submissions for the NVIDIA Edge program in January. Find out what teams will be receiving top-of-the-line hardware!

Bringing the Automotive Industry Together at Build: Munich 2017

Build: Munich 2017 brought together representatives from all of the key automotive manufacturers and their agencies to explore how Unreal Engine is revolutionizing many processes across the industry, including autonomous driving technology.

Animated Children’s Series ZAFARI Springs to Life with Unreal Engine

Meet ZAFARI - the first animated children’s show rendered completely in Unreal Engine. Learn how Digital Dimension unlocked new potential with its captivating series.

Epic Games Announces Unreal Fest Europe

All European Unreal Engine developers are invited to save the date as details of a major developer-focused event will be announced shortly.

Real-Time Decisions: Are You Responsive to Stakeholder Input?

Find out how real-time technology can get stakeholders involved in the design process.

Epic Games at Global Game Jam 2018

Epic Games will be hosting two workshops at the Playcrafting + Microsoft (NYC) Global Game Jam in NYC where the UE4 Game Jam Toolkit will be introduced.

Report Your Bugs Using the New Submission Form

A new submission form is available to report bugs to the Unreal Engine Support team.

Join the Winter #ue4jam!

In just a couple weeks, the Winter #ue4jam will be kicking off! Stay in and avoid the cold while developing an awesome game for your chance to win some Epic prizes.

Soul City, Soul Cave Assets Released for Free

Epic Games has today announced the free release of high-quality assets from its Soul demo, making mobile game development with UE4 more accessible to developers.