Ghost Slinks From the Shadows to the Spotlight Thanks to Unreal Dev Grant

The isometric stealth genre creeps out of the darkness in Sky Machine Studios’ Ghost.

How ARK: Survival Evolved Made the Move to Mobile

We caught up with War Drum Studios to discover how the mobile version of the action-adventure survival game offers an equally thrilling experience as its PC and console counterparts.

Unreal Engine 4.21 Preview 1 Now Available

Unreal Engine 4.21 will be releasing soon with a number of fixes and updates. In the meantime, the first Preview is now available for download from the Epic Games launcher.

HNTB Uses Unreal Studio to Create Project-Winning VR Experiences

When infrastructure solutions powerhouse HNTB needed to spend less time creating visualizations, and at the same time, offer more compelling, deal-making experiences to their prospects, they turned to Unreal Studio. Find out why.

Epic Games Acquires Kamu, Game Security and Player Services Company

Founded in 2013, Helsinki-based Kamu offers a suite of services focusing on game security, game telemetry, and game management. Kamu’s Easy Anti-Cheat service protects more than 80 games and is installed by over 100 million PC players globally.

2018 Architectural 3D Awards Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners in the first-ever Unreal Studio categories of the annual Architectural 3D Awards! The 2018 winners provide us with even more inspiration for creating architectural projects with Unreal Engine.

Sci-Fi Story “The Great C” Goes Real-Time with Unreal Engine

With Sci-Fi stories that have been adapted into futuristic films like Blade Runner, it’s only fitting that Philip K. Dick’s short story The Great C is the first to become a new kind of cinematic experience in virtual reality.

Advanced Text Styling with Rich Text Block

We explore how to work with the new RichTextBlock widget in UMG both as a UI designer and as a programmer while explaining how you can extend it with additional functionality using Decorator classes.

Connect with Unreal Engine Throughout Europe This October

From Milan to Munich and many places in between, find out how and when you can catch up with our Unreal Engine evangelists for tech talks, mixers and more!

Unreal Dev Days 2018 Details Announced

After announcing Unreal Dev Days 2018 in early September, Epic has today revealed the details of what attendees can expect.

Epic Games to Bring Unreal Engine Expertise to Magic Leap’s L.E.A.P. Conference

Epic Games to participate in the keynote for Magic Leap’s first-ever developer conference and host an in-depth technical presentation that will teach attendees how to take full advantage of Unreal Engine 4’s capabilities for spatial computing.

Unreal Engine Workshops Coming to Melbourne and Adelaide

Epic's Chris Murphy will be teaching "Getting Started with Unreal Engine" and " Advanced VFX and Technical Art in Unreal Engine" in Melbourne and Adelaide this month. There are still a few seats left!

How Dragon Quest XI Came to Life with Unreal Engine 4

We caught up with Dragon Quest XI Director Takeshi Uchikawa to explore the development of the biggest and most beautiful game in the long-running, esteemed JRPG series.

Unreal Engine Supports Oculus Quest, Including Launch Title ‘Vader Immortal’

Oculus Quest is an all-in-one virtual reality experience with Unreal Engine 4 support coming spring 2019. Unreal-powered Rift titles including Robo Recall and Moss are coming to Quest in its launch window, along with ILMxLAB’s newly announced Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – Episode I.

SIGGRAPH 2018 Tech Talk Videos Now Available!

Did you miss us at SIGGRAPH 2018? We gave a series of amazing tech talks that will get your mind spinning with all the possibilities Unreal Engine can bring to your projects. Recordings of these talks are now available for viewing!

Steelcase Creates Immersive Visualization Experiences with Unreal Studio

How does the world’s largest furniture manufacturer help customers visualize their new-look office spaces? Find out how Unreal Studio delivers the visual quality they demand with the speed and versatility they need.

Instructor Designs Motion Capture Classroom Using Unreal Engine 4

We catch up with Deepak Chetty - a full-time teacher at University of Texas at Austin in the Radio/Television/Film (RTF) department to learn more about a motion capture studio class that uses Unreal Engine 4 to educate and inspire students.

Final Round of Free Paragon Assets Released

Epic Games today released its final batch of Paragon assets to the UE4 developer community free of charge, with a total of 19 AAA-quality Hero characters valued at over $5 million in development investment.

Award-Winning “ICI Laflaque” Gets a Fresh New Look with Unreal Engine

When you need to produce 30 minutes of animation for broadcast TV every week, broadcast-quality output can be a challenge. That’s why Quebecois TV show “ICI Laflaque” switched to Unreal Engine for real-time rendering. 

The 2018 Summer #ue4jam Results Are In!

Armed with a theme, over 300 Unreal developers set out to create their inspirations in under five days. See the results of their efforts and which teams are taking home great prizes! 

A Two Person Team Brings the Immersive World of Elea to Life with UE4

Indie developer Kyodai Ltd invites players to experience an immersive adventure that challenges the way we think about humanity and its place in the universe.

Reynaers Aluminium Makes Design Accessible with VR CAVE

With AVALON, an immersive visualization CAVE installed at their headquarters, Reynaers Aluminium has created a way for architects, clients, and investors to virtually visit a newly-designed space and engage in natural discussion for the ultimate collaborative experience.

Join Epic Games at SketchUp’s 3D Basecamp 2018 Conference

Are you ready for SketchUp’s biennial 3D Basecamp conference? Join the Unreal Engine team and SketchUp’s inspiring 3D modeling community for four days of design innovation, exciting presentations, and networking activities!

UE4 Helps AnotherWorld VR Bring Cinematic Realism to the KOBOLD VR Experience

When cinema meets VR gaming, how do you keep both horror-movie fans and hardened gamers happy? By immersing them in a world that’s realistic enough to make them believe they’re really there, and frightening enough to make them wish they weren’t.