The Animation Field Guide

If you’re admiring all those amazing characters on the cover, welcome to our world! Studios are turning out beautiful works of art with the help of real-time animation, and they were kind enough to let us use a few to make the Animation Guide pop. 

Thank you to all the studios that participated and/or provided us with imagery. You are appreciated!

  • Yuki from the Yuki 7 series, Yuki 7 is a Chromosphere Production

  • Andrea from LEGO Friends, Stills courtesy of WildBrain Studios and LEGO

  • Blu from Xanadu, image courtesy of Cory Strassburger

  • Allahyar from Allahyar and the 100 Flowers of God, image courtesy of 3rd World Studios

  • Boy and Father from Wylder, image courtesy of Engine House Films

  • Chase and CATCH from Chase and CATCH, image courtesy of Digital Dimension Entertainment Group

  • Michael, Minnie, and Patty from Mall Stories, Mall Stories is a Chromosphere / Kikutowne Production

  • Thunder and Shiny from Super Giant Robot Brothers!, Super Giant Robot Brothers | Courtesy of Netflix

  • Igglepiggle and The Zonk from In the Night Garden, In the Night Garden - Stills courtesy of WildBrain Studios

  • Peely from Fortnite

  • Guff from Fortnite