NVIDIA Edge Program

A collaboration between NVIDIA and Epic Games, the NVIDIA Edge Program provided high-end hardware to teams and individuals creating fantastic content with Unreal Engine. Epic awarded each winning project an NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti.

NVIDIA Edge Program - October 2018

Vaki Games’ Kingshunt, a tower defense, real-time strategy and hack-and-slash mash-up, HomeVision VR's beautiful arch vis scene, Brody Ranch, and shooter-meets-racing game Diesel Guns are October's incredible NVIDIA Edge recipients.

NVIDIA Edge Program - September 2018

A beautiful Modern Barn nestled in a rural landscape, Black Day, a single-player sandbox tactical shooter, and a gorgeous music video dedicated to Dancing Light are the latest NVIDIA Edge recipients.

NVIDIA Edge Program - August 2018

August’s NVIDIA Edge recipients take us from a stunning summer villa via UnrealMadrid, through a beautiful "House in the Hollow," and straight into a Cold-War era research facility in Proze VR. 

NVIDIA Indie Spotlight

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NVIDIA Edge Program - July 2018

XREAL Games' Zero Caliber VR, a realistic military FPS, a stunning Barcelona-inspired loft design and The Crossing, a metaphysical narrative adventure, are the latest recipients of the NVIDIA Edge program. 

NVIDIA Edge Program - June 2018

Last Bastion, a gorgeously realistic and evocative piece by Timothy Dries, Jakub Lesniak's wonderfully serene Cherry Apartment scene and 2170, a vibrant open world third person shooter in development from Firefly Studio, all join the ranks as NVIDIA Edge recipients in June.

NVIDIA Edge Program - May 2018

The latest round of recipients include Cold War Games’ beautifully-crafted and atmospheric action RPG Dungeonhaven, the thought-provoking and surreal ‘Black Mass’ music video by visual artist Alex Popescu and the fast-paced and visually stunning combat game Sails of War by Portside Interactive.

NVIDIA Edge Program - April 2018

A picturesque European-style town created by Ma Chuang, a beautiful arch vis project called Eco House by Visual Lane, and a stunning FPS, strategy hybrid game in development by Kieran FL are all recipients in the latest round of the NVIDIA Edge program.


NVIDIA Edge Program - March 2018

The latest round of recipients include a beautiful, modular, futuristic Sci-Fi environment by Rusian Nazirov, the zero gravity, out-of-this-world VR arena The Zero Dome by Pillow Head Games and a wonderfully lit and composed reproduction of a Vipp shelter by Andrew Augustyniak.

NVIDIA Edge Program - February 2018

We recognize a new round of amazing recipients including Parallax Lab’s Despoiler - an arena racer where players work together to achieve team objectives, the gorgeous Azury Living by Elseware-Experience and Bart van Gemert’s ‘Horror Game’, which demonstrates an impressive attention to detail. 

NVIDIA Edge Program - January 2018

We kick off 2018 with three new NVIDIA Edge recipients including Red Matter - a gorgeous, story-driven VR puzzle adventure game set during a dystopian sci-fi Cold War, a trendy Coffee Shop visualization that is one of many beautiful projects from Imersys and Santeri Oksanen’s action sandbox game which boasts incredible visuals with an expansive environment.

NVIDIA Edge Program - December 2017

We close out 2017 with three new NVIDIA Edge Award winners including Martov Co's latest VR project Chiaro and the Elixir of Life, a beautiful hotel room visualization by The Black Fabric and an FPS/RTS hybrid focusing on squad-based combat, Eximius, which features an intense 5v5 multiplayer experience with one player on each team leading as a commander.

NVIDIA Edge Program - November 2017

The latest round of NVIDIA Edge recipients include a wonderfully creepy first-person survival/psychological horror game entitled ‘Visage’, the medical application ‘Real-Time Marching Cubes’ and a gorgeous online, open-world, post-apocalyptic, survival game called PatientX: Survivalist.

NVIDIA Edge Program - October 2017

October’s NVIDIA Edge recipients include Essence - a work-in-progress music video designed to share a musical adventure and love for storytelling, a photorealistic Scandinavian apartment and ‘Our Ghost of War’ -  a World War 2 Survival game with an innovative building system, NPC and resource management, food hunting, and more.

NVIDIA Edge Program - September 2017

The latest round of NVIDIA Edge recipients include Armstrong Townhouse - a beautiful architectural visualization of a contemporary living space featuring custom craftsmanship and detailed amenities, a dynamic grass system that is reactive to wind, fire, and other elements and a VR experience entitled ‘Wrench’ in which you repair and modify cars for motorsports.

NVIDIA Edge Program - August 2017

August’s round of NVIDIA Edge award winners include Procedural Ecosystem - a real-time procedurally generated environment on a 16km2 map, a vivid small apartment tour by Virtualarts and a gorgeous third-person "Metroidvania" action, adventure game entitled ‘Diode’.

NVIDIA Edge Program - July 2017

The first ever round of NVIDIA Edge award winners consisted of a standout scene by Wiktor Öhman entitled ‘Swedish Mechs’ and two compelling VR projects that showcased both out-of-this-world imagination (Planetrism) and realistic real-time rendering (Kia Stinger VR by afun interactive).
3D Art Lead, Armstrong Townhouse, Van Metre
Michael Banks
3D Art Lead, Armstrong Townhouse, Van Metre
"We can export a shipped build far beyond what we'd want to otherwise thanks to the 1080 Ti."
3D Artist, Scandinavian Apartment
David Baylis
3D Artist, Scandinavian Apartment
"Thanks to the NVIDIA and Epic Games partnership, the Edge Program allowed me to push the visual boundaries of the engine."
Developer, Wrench, Digital Mistake Games
Alec Moody
Developer, Wrench, Digital Mistake Games
"The NVIDIA 1080 Ti I received from the Edge Program has sped up my scan processing by about 30%. On long scans that saves me 5+ hours of processing time."
Director of Innovation, Small Apartment Tour, Boximage
Alfonso Escalona Penott
Director of Innovation, Small Apartment Tour, Boximage
"Thanks to the NVIDIA Edge Program, I've been able to get involved in more complex projects that I wouldn't have been able to develop otherwise within the time constraints and requirements."