Think Before You Spend!

Fortnite Creative
Social Studies
Create a fun and challenging game for your classmates in Fortnite Creative without breaking the bank! In this lesson, students will learn how to make important decisions regarding resources, structures, and game elements in order to keep their game under budget.


In this lesson, students will be asked to make choices and reflect upon those choices as they build a game. Students will work with a budget that adds a level of real-world experience to their learning. This lesson requires students to think critically about their choices and collaborate with their partners to produce a game that is exciting but stays within their budgets. 

Students will be able to:

  • Make better choices when making their own personal economic decisions.
  • Work toward clearly articulating and demonstrating the need to make sound economic choices in order to achieve personal financial gains. 
  • Begin to understand the importance of consumer preferences and the design/distribution of a product.
  • Use terms such as opportunity, cost, and choice to clearly articulate to their peers their understanding of how a budget will affect their choices.


Social Studies

Grade level

Ages 13+

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