9. Oktober 2017

Unreal Dev Day Montreal Presentations Released

Von Daniel Kayser

Epic Games recently held Unreal Dev Day in Montreal where veteran developers from Epic Games shared best practices and advanced techniques in Unreal Engine 4 with attendees. 

In an effort to extend these productive sessions to the entire Unreal development community, we have uploaded the presentations to our YouTube channel for public viewing.

The sessions focused on a range of material including the Unreal Engine profiling tools and deconstructing the Paragon character texturing pipeline as the developers reveal how their workflows benefitted projects like Fortnite and Paragon.

You can check out the presentations below in their entirety. Enjoy!

UE4 Performance and Profiling | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017
This session by Sr. Dev Rel Tech Artist Zak Parrish explores performance concerns for shipping games, focusing on how to track down problem areas on both the CPU and GPU. Learn how to set up a test environment and how to employ the necessary tools to identify key performance problems as well as some guidelines on how to address these concerns once located.​

Paragon Character Texturing Pipeline | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017
In this Unreal Dev Day Montreal presentation, Technical Artist Harrison Moore goes through the texturing pipeline used on Paragon from start to finish, breaking down the steps and techniques the team uses to texture hyper-realistic characters in UE4.

Creating Complex In-Game Effects | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017
In this presentation, Sr. Dev Rel Tech Artist Alan Willard walks developers through the process of creating complex in-game effects using Blueprints, particle systems, and shaders. Learn how these three systems can be interwoven to create complex dynamic effects for in-game use.

Lighting with Unreal Engine Masterclass | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017
The session by Lead Artist Jerome Platteaux focuses on the different ways to light a project in Unreal Engine and covers the basics of physically based rendering and how to choose between the forward and the deferred render. The session also explains baked lighting with lightmass, dynamic lighting and image-based lighting while highlighting the advantages for each technique.

Fortnite Trailer Pipeline | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017
The Fortnite cinematic trailer represents a new level of visual quality for companies wanting to implement real-time technologies into their linear animation pipelines. Join Media and Entertainment Solutions Engineer Brian Pohl as he reviews the trailer's creative workflow and technical pipeline from preproduction through post.