28. August 2018

Boeing pushes the envelope at custom Unreal Engine Build event

Von Simon Jones

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and America’s biggest manufacturing exporter. Last week key members of Boeing, joined by the Epic Games team, presented to more than 300 Boeing staff during a special internal-only Unreal Engine Build event. 
This event, held at Boeing City Hall in the B-737 manufacturing plant, outlined the ways Unreal Engine is helping to shape multiple areas of their business, and gave an overview of other industries where our real-time Enterprise solutions are being deployed.
The first presenter was Pete Boeskov, Chief Technology Officer, Training and Professional Services for Boeing. Boeskov explained to the audience how his division uses Unreal Engine to drive new paradigms in training and simulation. Many of the audience members didn’t know about this use of Unreal Engine, so this presentation engaged discussion and opened the door for lots of “How can we be a part of this?” types of questions.
Next, Epic Games’ Chief Technology Officer Kim Libreri discussed digital humans and showed our brand new real-time ray tracing demos, including Speed of Light. Then xR Technical Director Nick Whiting talked about how we’re constantly working to perfect the VR user experience. This was of particular interest to Boeing - in their VR training for pilots, software systems engineers, and technical personnel, they aim for VR that’s 100% aligned with reality.

The final presenter of the day was a Boeing guest from Australia: Leighton Carr, Research Program Lead for Boeing Research & Technology in Brisbane. Carr’s teams are working on projects for NASA, using Unreal Engine to create full solar system simulations and spacecraft training tools, complete with Keplerian dynamics.

The afternoon ended with Boeing attendees getting hands-on with projects in automotive manufacturing and architectural visualization as well as other projects from the Brisbane team. It was a treat to witness these first-time users getting excited about how they could use Unreal Engine in their own divisions and projects. 
Want to use Unreal Engine for your own visualization projects? Download Unreal Engine 4.20 and explore the possibilities!