21. Juni 2017

Develop for VR on macOS High Sierra with Beta Support in Unreal Engine

Von Chance Ivey

At this year’s WWDC, Apple announced VR support for their upcoming version of OS X, High Sierra (macOS 10.13 and above). Epic Games took the stage with ILM to demonstrate the new functionality using the Unreal Engine in VR Mode on the new iMac Pro.

Today, Epic Games has released beta support for developing for VR on Mac platforms via the Unreal Engine GitHub repository. Head over to the private VR on Mac branch (login required) and check out the readme file for instructions on how to get started.

Be on the lookout for full support for VR development on macOS in our upcoming releases. Mac VR support, together with general Metal 2 support and wide-ranging Mac optimizations, will ship in Unreal Engine 4.18 binary tools (via the Epic launcher) starting with previews in September and with the full release in early October.

Read about SteamVR for macOS, including Valve’s beta release, here.