10. November 2014

Strategy Game WebGL Demo Available Now

Von Dana Cowley

Hosted at Mozilla Demo Studio as part of Firefox’s 10th anniversary feature, Epic’s tower defense sample game is a showcase for high-performance 3D content running in the browser.

Strategy Game was ported utilizing Emscripten, a tool that helps developers bring fully native applications to the Web by compiling them to asm.js, a highly optimizable subset of JavaScript. Mozilla pioneered Emscripten and asm.js, which enable games to run in the browser at near native speed without the friction of plugins. They continue to push technology forward in order to set the Web up as a serious platform for distributing and developing games.

Firefox currently runs asm.js-style code faster than any other browser due to specific optimizations, so if you plan to launch Strategy Game, we recommend starting with Firefox.

Code-based projects have been able to utilize this pipeline for quite some time (see our Getting Started docs), and export options are coming soon to the binary tools.

Thanks to our collaboration with Mozilla, the Web is yet another UE4 export option. Build your content once, and deploy it everywhere: PC, console, mobile, VR and HTML5.

As with all the platforms the engine supports, this is included at no additional cost to developers. UE4 is available for $19 per month at unrealengine.com, and it’s free for students and schools.