Announcing: The ‘Animation Learning Challenge 2021’ with 11 Second Club and Dell Technologies

Any fan of 11 Second Club will tell you—you can spin gold from a little bit of sound. 

For years, animators have been playfully competing with each other, turning the site’s monthly audio clip into a showcase for whatever character idea pops into their heads. But this month, we’re going to shake things up.

Announcing: The ‘Animation Learning Challenge 2021’ with 11 Second Club and Dell Technologies

Artists can now compete in the first 11 Second Club challenge built entirely around Unreal Engine and our new MetaHuman characters. It’s true. This time, you don’t have to start from scratch. You get a fully rigged digital human on day one. The fun is where you take them.

“But... I don’t know Unreal Engine.”

No problem. We've created a special collection of courses that can teach you how to start animating in Unreal Engine in a matter of hours. Everyone that takes these courses (and submits their final animation, of course) will be eligible for the grand prize, brought to you by Dell Technologies. 

Rules and requirements

You can also take these if you want (totally optional, but helpful):
  • Animate the clip within Unreal Engine using the supplied project, rig, and audio file. 
  • Export the clip using the Unreal Engine Movie Render Queue.
  • Upload your animated clip to the 11 Second Club forum by May 31.
  • Each clip must: 
    • Be 100% rendered in Unreal Engine
    • Use the supplied MetaHuman rig
    • Use 11 Second Club’s audio file (available here)
    • Be at least 1920 x 1080
    • Be exported as an MP4, H264 Codec

You can view the full rules and regulations on 11 Second Club’s current competition page.


  • Grand Prize: 1 Dell Precision Mobile Workstation + Epic swag pack + a personal critique
  • Runners-up: Unreal Engine swag packs

Next steps

We look forward to seeing your work. Good luck!

    Take the challenge

    The first animation challenge to use MetaHumans is now live! Turn 11 seconds of audio into visual gold and you just might win a Dell Precision Mobile Workstation.