Unreal Engine Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage

If you are a journalist looking for additional Unreal Engine assets, please register at our press site to get video, press releases, screenshots and other materials.

If you find our Style Guide to be unclear, or if you wish to customize the Unreal Engine logo to fit your own branding needs, please submit materials to be approved in JPEG, PNG or PDF format to branding@unrealengine.com. We can also accept videos in WMV and MOV formats.

While all licensees can enter into the Unreal Engine trademark license, please note that we withhold the right to refuse permission to use our trademarks on a case-by-case basis for projects that are inconsistent with Epic’s brand image (e.g., games with an anticipated ESRB rating higher than M, pornography, extreme violence, etc.). Please check with us if you are unsure if your project fits these requirements. NOTE: Once you have downloaded the Trademark License Agreement, please email the completed form to the Epic legal address listed within the document.

We’ll respond to you as quickly as possible, however please allow up to two weeks for us to handle your request. You must receive actual approval from Epic before proceeding with alterations or custom treatments to the Unreal Engine logo. Thank you for building with Unreal Engine technology!