Powered by Unreal Engine Zone at EGX Rezzed

UE4 Devs Take Center Stage in the Powered by Unreal Engine Zone at EGX Rezzed

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Developers creating games with Unreal Engine have taken full advantage of the funding we put aside to double their exhibition space at Rezzed and we are excited to announce the wonderful games that will be on show!

Bullet Train

Epic Games Releases Bullet Train for Free on Oculus

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To celebrate today’s launch of Oculus Touch, we're pleased to announce that our Bullet Train VR demo is now available for free through the Oculus Store. Keep reading for more details.

Khronos Group

Epic Games Supports Khronos Group's VR API Standards Initiative

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The Khronos Group, the industry consortium dedicated to creating open standards in computing and graphics APIs, has announced a new initiative to develop an open standard API for VR. As the makers of Unreal Engine 4, which powers cross-platform VR experiences, Epic Games is fully supportive of this effort. Read on for more details.

Breaking New Ground in Virtual Reality

How Unreal Engine is Breaking New Ground in the Construction Industry

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Groundbreakings are nothing new to the world of construction, but a recent groundbreaking in virtual reality has brought a new sense of innovation and imagination to the concept.

Here Are the Mods and Teams from the VR Funhouse Game Jam

Here Are the Mods and Teams from the VR Funhouse Game Jam

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We invited a handful of Unreal Engine developers to join us aboard the M.S. Bleichen to take part in the VR Funhouse Game Jam. Leveraging NVIDIA's UE4-powered VR Funhouse Mod Kit, developers had a playground full of features to build upon. Here are the results.

Unreal Engine on PlayStation VR

Unreal Engine Titles Highlight PlayStation VR Launch

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Sony’s long-awaited virtual reality device is here and there are plenty of Unreal Engine-powered titles to showcase what the platform is capable of.

Layers of Fear: Solitude

Powered by UE4, Aspyr Brings Layers of Fear: Solitude to Google’s Daydream VR Platform

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Empowered by Unreal Engine 4, Aspyr is bringing the psychedelic horror experience of the fan-favorite franchise, Layers of Fear, to Daydream.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall Announced at Oculus Connect 3

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Epic Games has revealed Robo Recall, an action-packed virtual reality first-person shooter coming to Oculus Touch.

Oculus to Cover Royalty Fees for Unreal Engine Developers

Oculus to Cover Royalty Fees for Unreal Engine Developers

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It’s easier than ever to be successful with Oculus and Unreal Engine 4.

Steam Dev Days

Epic Games and Unreal Engine head to Steam Dev Days

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Steam Dev Days is right around the corner and a number of developers from Epic Games are heading to Seattle to particpiate in the conference keynote, deliver informative talks and panels and to offer hands-on developer support. All the details await inside.