Unreal Dev Grant Winners

Epic Games Announces Latest Round of Unreal Dev Grant Recipients

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Indie developers are receiving a total of $160,000 for their exceptional projects developed with Unreal Engine 4 in the latest round of Unreal Dev Grants. Read on to find out which games and experiences are getting a lift through Epic's no-strings-attached program.

Disc Jam

How Disc Jam Reached 60 fps on Intel Processor Graphics using Unreal Engine 4

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Hi everyone! I’m Jay from High Horse Entertainment, a two-man team based out of Los Angeles. Our first project, Disc Jam, is an arcade action sport in which timing and reflexes are critical to succes, so maintaining a high frame rate is largely important for the game experience. Here's how we hit 60 FPS on Intel Process Graphics with Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine on PlayStation VR

Unreal Engine Titles Highlight PlayStation VR Launch

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Sony’s long-awaited virtual reality device is here and there are plenty of Unreal Engine-powered titles to showcase what the platform is capable of.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall Announced at Oculus Connect 3

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Epic Games has revealed Robo Recall, an action-packed virtual reality first-person shooter coming to Oculus Touch.

Oculus to Cover Royalty Fees for Unreal Engine Developers

Oculus to Cover Royalty Fees for Unreal Engine Developers

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It’s easier than ever to be successful with Oculus and Unreal Engine 4.

Steam Dev Days

Epic Games and Unreal Engine head to Steam Dev Days

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Steam Dev Days is right around the corner and a number of developers from Epic Games are heading to Seattle to particpiate in the conference keynote, deliver informative talks and panels and to offer hands-on developer support. All the details await inside.


Here's What to Expect from Epic at Oculus Connect 3

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Oculus Connect 3 is getting ready to take place in San Jose, CA, and Epic Games will be on-hand to offer a variety of VR-related sessions, the opportunity to interact with members of the Unreal development team one-on-one and more.

Dev Grant Winners

More Than $50,000 Awarded in Latest Round of Unreal Dev Grants for Education

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Epic Games today announced the latest round of recipients of Unreal Dev Grants for educational resources. Six recipients hand-picked by Epic for their incredible learning resources and continued contributions to the Unreal Engine community are being awarded a total of more than $50,000.

Epic MegaJam Prizes Announced!

Epic MegaJam Prizes Announced!

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The 2016 Epic MegaJam is coming up fast and we are ready to reveal all of the fantastic rewards you can win! Not only are there more prizes, there are more prize categories to win incredible swag from, so start forming a team and join now!

Paragon on PS4 Pro

Leveraging PlayStation 4 Pro for Your PS4 Game

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Today, Epic has released the PS4 Pro video clip for the studio’s new MOBA, Paragon, that shows our team’s approach to increasing graphical fidelity using the upgrades the new console provides. You can now see it up close in full 1080p.