Project Overlord

Kokomo’s High-End Mobile RPG ‘Project: Overlord’ Being Powered by UE4

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The stunning fantasy medieval RPG focuses on unit control with 30 different heroes categorized in six classes.

ARM Mali Graphics Debugger

Building an Unreal Engine Application with Mali Graphics Debugger Support

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ARM Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) allows developers to trace Vulkan, OpenGL ES, EGL and OpenCL API calls in their application to understand their effect frame-by-frame and to help identify possible bottlenecks in the code.

Danger Dodgers Banner

Uppercut Games talks mobile development; making 'Danger Dodgers' for the App Store

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After shipping a PC and Console title with Unreal Engine 4, we wanted to do something smaller and faster, which led us to take another look at mobile. After a bit of investigation, it looked to us that with 4.9 the engine now had everything we needed to ship a game. Here's our story!

Lexus 'Ride the Slide'

The Lexus Hoverboard ‘Ride The Slide’ Experience Shows Off Slick Moves with Unreal Engine 4

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Lexus fulfilled the world's Back to the Future dreams in 2015 by creating the first real-life hoverboard, but the next step was bringing the ride to the public with a bit of help from the team at The Mill and the power of Unreal Engine 4.