Animation and Rigging Toolkit

Using Gameplay Tags to Label and Organize Your Content in UE4

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Gameplay Tags have existed in the engine for several versions, but in UE 4.15 the interface and performance were greatly improved, so now is a great time to start using them.

Unreal Audio Engine

Latest Livestream Previews Unreal Audio Engine

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Epic’s audio programmer (and architect of the new Unreal Audio Engine), Aaron McLeran, is joined with Epic’s Audio QA, Dan Reynolds, to chat about the new audio engine, some of its new features, and what we can expect in upcoming Unreal Engine releases 4.15 and 4.16.

Exploring Emotional Engagement with EVR Studio's 'Project M'

Exploring Emotional Engagement in VR with EVR Studio's 'Project M'

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EVR Studio Releases a Teaser Video of “Project M”, an Emotional Engagement VR title being developed in UE4.

Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice 360 Video

Capturing Stereoscopic 360 Screenshots and Movies from Unreal Engine 4

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Here I'll walk you through Ninja Theory's particular settings and workflow for capturing 360 stereoscopic movies like the one we just launched today for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Read on to learn more about using the "Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture" feature which works out of the box in UE4.

BMW Is Using UE4 To Enhanced Development

BMW Opts to Incorporate HTC Vive VR Headsets and Mixed Reality Into the Development of New Vehicle Models

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Computer images instead of laboriously constructed draft models: greater flexibility, faster results and lower costs.

Intel RealSense

See The World In New Ways With The Intel RealSense Plugin For Unreal Engine 4

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The Intel RealSense cameras use infrared light to compute depth in addition to normal RGB pictures and video. To assist in the development of applications with this technology, Intel created the RealSense SDK, a library of computer vision algorithms including facial recognition, image segmentation, and 3D scanning.

Making of Miss Daisy, a UE4 film

Making of Miss Daisy, a UE4 film

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Read on to see a detailed "making of" the comic short Miss Daisy done entirely in UE4.  The goal for Miss Daisy was to create a short film in the spirit of a Pixar shorts but done completly in real-time by a team of 6 students in 14 weeks.  

Simulating Area Lights in UE4

Simulating Area Lights in UE4

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As of this writing, UE4 does not currently support area lights. However, with some basic geometry, a simple material, and a standard UE spotlight, we can emulate area lighting in a convincing and easily controllable manner by creating our own realtime diffuser. Here's how.

Making of Battery Jam, a student game

Making of Battery Jam, a student game

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Battery Jam was created at the Savannah college of Art and Design by a team of four core students, with the help of animators, sound designers and musicians utilizing Unreal Engine 4. The team wanted to, above all, make a game that made a great first impression and had people smiling. Considering the awards that it has won so far, it seems to be working. Check out this in-depth blog to find out more about how the project came together and how this young team of developers levereaged the power of Unreal Engine to bring the award winning Battery Jam to such a high level of refinement. 


Striving for Real-Time Photorealism

Striving for Real-Time Photorealism

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My name is Lasse Rode and I am part of studio xoio. We are a small agency specializing in visualization and illustration works for architecture and product marketing. Usually we work in a kind of “traditional” 3d environment utilizing applications like 3ds Max and the like. We are constantly checking out new rendering engines and right now making big use of Corona Renderer, V-Ray and Octane. Each engine has its strengths and we always try to use it like that: each for the best purpose.