Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Powered by UE4, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Arrives in 2017

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Marvel and Capcom team up once again for the highly-anticipated return of the celebrated action-fighting franchise.

November 2016 UE Marketplace Update

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - November 2016

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From RPGs to arch viz and everything in between, November has brought loads of new assets to you inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

ARM Mali Graphics Debugger

Building an Unreal Engine Application with Mali Graphics Debugger Support

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ARM Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) allows developers to trace Vulkan, OpenGL ES, EGL and OpenCL API calls in their application to understand their effect frame-by-frame and to help identify possible bottlenecks in the code.

The Unreal Humble Bundle

Unreal Humble Bundle Dev Grant Recipients Announced

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Today, we’re excited to announce the hand-picked recipients of these no-strings-attached Dev Grant funds, who will receive funding to fuel their projects and ongoing contributions to the Unreal Engine community.

Cyber Monday Sale

Massive Marketplace Cyber Monday Sale Announced

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Save the date and access hundreds of items from the Unreal Engine Marketplace at up to 90% off!

The Tempest

Unreal Engine Brings Virtual Character to Life Onstage in The Royal Shakespeare Company’s The Tempest

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Epic Games’ Unreal Engine powers the very first live motion capture performance appearing in a major classical stage production.

Unreal Engine 4.14 Released!

Unreal Engine 4.14 Released!

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Unreal Engine 4.14 is now available, and it is packed with hundreds of updates from the team at Epic along with 71 contributions from the amazing developer community via GitHub! This release adds a new forward shading renderer with MSAA, native automatic LOD generation, multiple static lighting scenarios, built-in support for NVIDIA Ansel Photography and much, much more. Read the full release notes here.

Unreal Tournament Unreal Dev Grants Announced

Epic Games Awards Unreal Dev Grants to Unreal Tournament Contributors

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Unreal Tournament content creators receive a combined total of $25,000.

Building an Automotive Industry Data Pipeline

Here’s How Epic is Working Hard to Develop the Ultimate Automotive Pipeline Solution

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The automotive industry relies on accurate vehicle modelling data and we at Epic are working closely with industry-leading partners to develop and implement an all-new process for developing data pipelines.

The Unreal Humble Bundle

Announcing the Humble Unreal Engine Bundle

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Help developers, support a charity and get great Unreal Engine-powered games in the process! Find out more about the Humble Unreal Engine Bundle inside!