Unreal Engine 4.14 Preview 1 Released

Unreal Engine 4.15 Preview 1 Released

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Preview 1 of Unreal Engine 4.15 has been released! With improvements to engine compile times, and new features such as Content Hot Reloading, Monoscopic far field rendering for mobile VR and reroute nodes in the Material Editor, this is one preview release you don't want to miss!

Tim Sweeney to be Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney to be Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2017 Game Developers Choice Awards

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17th annual awards ceremony to take place on March 1 at GDC in San Francisco.

Global Game Jam

Unreal Engine Sponsors Global Game Jam 2017: Development Resources Released

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This year's Global Game Jam is right around the corner, and we're once again proud to sponsor the worldwide event. Are you taking part? Get the most out of UE4 with these game jam specific tips and tricks!

December 2016 UE Marketplace Update

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - December 2016

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All-new environments and a bevy of useful Blueprints highlight the latest additions to the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Find out what’s in store right here, right now!

2016 Holiday Sale

The 2016 Marketplace Holiday Sale Is Here!

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Hundreds of items have been discounted in what is truly an epic Marketplace Holiday Sale!


Become a German U-Boat Captain with Unreal Engine

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Discover how the talented team at Leviathan leveraged Unreal Engine 4 to deliver a truly immersive historical experience.

Animation and Rigging Toolkit

Animation and Rigging Toolkit Arrives on the Marketplace

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Epic Games’ Lead Technical Animator Jeremy Ernst introduces the arrival of the Animation and Rigging Toolkit on the Unreal Engine Marketplace and provides the info developers need to access it.

Bullet Train

Epic Games Releases Bullet Train for Free on Oculus

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To celebrate today’s launch of Oculus Touch, we're pleased to announce that our Bullet Train VR demo is now available for free through the Oculus Store. Keep reading for more details.

Khronos Group

Epic Games Supports Khronos Group's VR API Standards Initiative

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The Khronos Group, the industry consortium dedicated to creating open standards in computing and graphics APIs, has announced a new initiative to develop an open standard API for VR. As the makers of Unreal Engine 4, which powers cross-platform VR experiences, Epic Games is fully supportive of this effort. Read on for more details.

MechWarrior 5

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Announced at Mech_Con 2016

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Being made with Unreal Engine 4, the beloved and longstanding franchise will get its first standalone single-player PC title in almost 15 years.