GDC 2017: Physics and Animation

GDC 2017: UE4 Animation and Physics Technical Showcase

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In this GDC 2017 session, members of the Unreal development team demonstrate several exciting upcoming animation and physics features for the engine.

The Human Race

Exploring the Technology that Drives "The Human Race"

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Following the ground-breaking presentation during GDC, the development teams from Epic Games, The Mill and Arraiy provided an up close look at the key technologies that were created, developed and used during the production of The Human Race real-time short film.

Project Overlord

Kokomo’s High-End Mobile RPG ‘Project: Overlord’ Being Powered by UE4

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The stunning fantasy medieval RPG focuses on unit control with 30 different heroes categorized in six classes.

UE Marketplace February 2017 Update

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - February 2017

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From atmospheric environments to ultra useful Blueprints, this month’s Marketplace recap highlights the latest assets for content creators to consider.

Unreal Engine at GDC 2017

Quality and Innovation Take Center Stage During 'State of Unreal' at GDC 2017

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Epic shared its vision for the future, announcing a series of high-profile projects that help redefine the possibilities of games, VR/AR, animation, real-time rendering and visualization.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall Released for Free

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Last October, we revealed Robo Recall, an action-packed first-person shooter for Oculus Touch. Today, the game is freely available for download on the Oculus Store.

Robo Recall

Mod Support Comes to Robo Recall

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Launching alongside the game, the Robo Recall Mod Kit is now available in the Epic Games launcher. Download the tools today to start making your own experiences for the action-packed title. 

Battle Breakers

Epic Games Announces Battle Breakers for Mobile and PC

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Epic Games today announced Battle Breakers, a frenetic tactical role-playing game powered by Unreal Engine 4 that features cross-platform play across mobile devices and PC.

Amazon GameLift

AWS Announces Amazon GameLift Support for Unreal Engine

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New matchmaking functionality intelligently selects the lowest latency AWS region to launch each game session.

Unreal Engine at GDC 2017

Unreal Engine GDC Education Summit Announced

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The Unreal Engine GDC Education Summit is returning to San Francisco and you are invited to attend our annual event that is open to educators for free.