Marketplace Content Release

Marketplace Content Release

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Welcome to another week of Marketplace updates. We have a great lineup of content this week, including another free item for our Demos and Tutorials section, six new asset packs, and a surprise free item from a member of our community!

A few weeks ago, French artist "koola" shared some of his remarkable Arch-Vis work in the Unreal Engine Forums. Press outlets such as Kotaku and Extremetech picked up his story and had some very nice things to say about his work and Unreal Engine 4. Now, koola has generously offered a scene from his collection called "Lightroom:Interior Day Light" to the UE4 Marketplace. Download it today for free!

We're also excited to release another sample from Allegorithmic that showcases their free Substance plugin. This one is called "Gynoid" and its a great introduction to using Substance with the Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint system in order to tweak the textures in real-time using an in-game 3D GUI. Download it today and let us know what you think.

NOTE - You’ll need to download and install the Allegorithmic Substance for UE4 plugin before using this sample.

Here are some of the other items we're offering with today's release.

Demos and Tutorials:
Platformer Game

Gynoid– Allegorithmic 

Real Rocks Vol. 1 - Motu Proprio

Interior Day Light – koola (As seen on Kotaku and Extremetech)

Real Rocks Vol. 1 - Motu Proprio

Pirates Island – Manufactura K4 

Real Rocks Vol. 1 - Motu Proprio

675 Handpainted Sprites Pack  – Red Dot Games

Real Rocks Vol. 1 - Motu Proprio

C-Media Advanced Materials Ed.1  – C-Media Solutions

GUI - Sound FX

Magician SFX Pack – Dexsoft

Music Mix - Orchestral

Music Mix - Piano - Imphenzia

Music Mix - Platform Arcade

Level Kit - Battle Zone - Imphenzia


Be sure to check these out, and as always, let us know if you’d like to see anything specific on the Marketplace.



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