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Marketplace Content Release

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Halloween fast approaches and the Marketplace has you covered! If you need to fill your next game with scariness, be sure to check out the Bodybag pack by Game-Ready. Not scary enough? Try adding them to 3DFancy’s Cloudy Dungeon environment and then scatter some splatter effects from Texture Max’ Splatter Decals. That should bring the goosebumps!

If you’re looking to go more spooky than scary, check out the stylized set of Halloween Props by BRAiNBOX and the Halloween Cemetery Set by 3DFancy.

And what horror scene is complete without footstep sounds and intense music? Be sure to grab the Steps SFX Pack by Dexsoft, and choose from two sets of Halloween-inspired music packs by yellaUmbrella Music!

So come on over to the Marketplace for assets that are sure to get your game in the Halloween spirit!

Halloween Props

Halloween Props – BRAiNBOX

Halloween Cemetery

Halloween Cemetery Set – 3DFancy

Body Bags

Bodybags – Game-Ready

Splatter Textures

Splatter Decals – TextureMax

Cloudy Dungeon

Cloudy Dungeon – 3DFancy


Steps SFX Pack – Dexsoft

Survival Horror Volume 1

MX-Survival Horror Volume 1 – yellaUmbrella Music

SFX: Foreboding Backgrounds

SFX: Foreboding Backgrounds – yellaUmbrella Music


Be sure to check these out, and as always, let us know if you’d like to see anything specific on the Marketplace.



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