Roadmap Updates

A Better View at What's To Come: Updates to the UE4 Roadmap

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We reflected on our public roadmap and what we could do to make it better serve our users, and we’re happy to announce we are rolling out a big roadmap update later this week refining how we present and communicate our feature plans.

Unreal Engine 4.16 Preview 1 Now Available

Unreal Engine 4.16 Preview 1 Now Available

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The first Preview release of Unreal Engine 4.16 is now available for download on the Epic Games launcher. Get an early glimpse at what is on the way in the upcoming full release.

Unreal Engine ArchViz Webinar

Architectural Visualization Webinar with Fabrice Bourrelly Announced

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On April 27, developers everywhere can join visualization specialist Fabrice Bourrelly in the first of four free webinars focusing on the use of Unreal Engine for architecture. Register now!

Robo Recall OST

Robo Recall OST Released For Free

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Today, fans of Epic Games’ Robo Recall VR action game can get their hands (and their ears) on the full official soundtrack for free.

Epic Games Events April-May 2017

Epic Games Heads to ECGC, NAB Show, FMX, GTC and Nordic Game!

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With conference season in full swing, Epic Games is pleased to announce their participation at numerous upcoming games industry and technology conferences in North America and Europe.

Photorealistic Character Sample Released

Photorealistic Character Sample Released

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Epic Games has released a realistic, comprehensive Unreal Engine 4 sample along with accompanying documentation to demonstrate the use of high-quality character shader techniques, similar to those used for characters in Paragon, Epic's MOBA for PC and PS4.

ECGC 2017

Epic Games at ECGC 2017

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Join Epic Games at the largest gathering of video game professionals on the East Coast!

Epic Games at Quo Vadis

Epic Games and Inbetweengames to Host UE4 Talks at Quo Vadis

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Attendees at the upcoming Quo Vadis conference in Berlin will have the opportunity to hear from both Epic Games’ evangelist Sjoerd De Jong and Unreal Engine 4 developer inbetweengames when the conference takes place from April 24-26.

UE Marketplace March 2017 Update

Unreal Engine Marketplace Update - March 2017

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The close of the month has seen a host of updates to the Marketplace as well as fantastic new releases for developers to take advantage of.

Robo Recall

Major Update for Robo Recall Released!

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Today we’re pleased to release a new update for Robo Recall that brings 360 degree tracking and quite a few improvements to the game.